RELM Wireless Receives $25 Million Blanket Purchase Agreement from USDA/U.S. Forest Service

RELM Wireless Receives $25 Million Blanket Purchase Agreement from USDA/U.S. Forest Service
WEST MELBOURNE, FL, October 26, 2017 – RELM Wireless Corporation (NYSE American: RWC) today announced that it was awarded a five-year blanket purchase agreement (BPA) from the USDA/U.S. Forest Service (USFS).

The BPA is for the Company’s portable and mobile VHF radios, as well as related accessories for deployment nationwide

Second Quarter 2017 Investor Conference Call

Second Quarter 2017 Investor Conference Call
Participate in the RELM Wireless Second Quarter Investor Conference Call and Webcast Live, August 2, 2017 @ 9AM EDT.

Replay Information

The replay will be available beginning approximately 2 hours after the completion of the live event, ending at midnight Eastern on November 2, 2017.

Toll Free: 877-407-8031
International: 201-689-8031
Replay Number: 877-481-4010, #18335
Replay International: 919-882-2331, #18335

What the P25 Radio Will Look Like in 100 Years

As a public safety device, future P25 radios will follow the trends of technology and stay compliant to service over the next 100 years. It will undergo its own developments and new modeling to fit the future conditions. The technological evolutions will still need reliable component advancements to deliver dependable performance. So, what does the future look like for P25

Maintaining Memorial Day Safety

Memorial Day is a time to honor those U.S. soldiers who bravely fought and died for this country. From parades and special speeches to camp-outs and picnics, everyone recognizes this federal holiday in their own way. With its outdoor ambiance, Memorial Day weekend can also give rise to unforeseen hazards such as heat stroke, out-of-control fires, and dangerous driving.


Preparing for Wildfire Season with P25 Radios

Wildfire season seems to never end. The warming of the planet has made wildfires that much more of a threat, necessitating rapid action from professional firefighters who rely on cutting edge equipment to extinguish fires as best they can. One of the most important high-tech solutions for fighting wildfires is the RELM Wireless P25 radio. Arm your team with these

The P25 Difference

P25 technology is vastly superior to traditional walkie talkies, phones and other means of communication. P25 digital radio communications are up to the challenge regardless of circumstances and environment. Whether you are at the scene of a fire, blizzard, tornado, hurricane or any other emergency, this communication device will function exactly as designed. P25 technology is what you need to