Tis the Season to Use P25 Radios

The holiday season is among us. For most citizens, that means the usual hustle and bustle of preparing for holiday events and enjoying merriment with loved ones. Although the holiday season is viewed as a generally jolly time of year, for some it is viewed as an opportunity for crime. The holidays are a time when crime tends to go

Comparing Conventional and Trunked P25 Radio Systems

If you have heard about P25 radios, you have probably heard about the two different systems; conventional P25 radios and trunked P25 radios. There is a misconception that these two systems of P25 radios are quite different when it comes to their functionality. However, they are actually quite alike. Knowing the difference between conventional and trunked P25 radios will help

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What is P25 CAP?

Project 25 is a set of standards that are designed to create interoperability for users. This allows for users, often public safety officials, to effectively communicate across different manufacturers. In emergency situations, this is critical for the safety of both the officials and the public. To ensure that the radios manufacturers are using are P25 compatible, the U.S. government introduced

P25 Common Air Interface and It’s Effect on Communication

P25 Common Air Interface (CAI) is a standard for digital audio that specifies the type of digital signals that are transmitted by radio. When P25 was launched, the goal was to create a significant amount of interoperability so those who need it, such as public safety officials, could work more efficiently. The CAI standard offers the desired interoperability to those

Communication Protects Firefighters During Wildfires

The dry parts of the year are a danger for many parts of the country. If these areas are covered by foliage, wildfires can blaze through communities causing damage to nearly everything it encounters. When these fires roar through wooded areas, they threaten the homes and lives of many of the residents in the area. The brave firefighters that face