P25 Radios Shine During Hurricane Season

One of mother nature’s most dangerous contributions, hurricane season is a busy time for public safety officials. Home damage, power outages, and tornados are all possible when a tropical storm or hurricane hits an area. With public safety officials always on alert to help those in need, they rely on P25 radios to keep in constant communication.

While the Atlantic hurricane

National Park Service Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Today, August 25, 2016, the United States National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary. It’s a crowning achievement for the federal service that exists to provide visitors the opportunity to experience the country’s natural beauty.

On March 1, 1872, the United States Congress established Yellowstone National Park in the Montana and Wyoming Territories. Placed under the supervision of the Secretary of

What is Radio Frequency?

If you’ve ever read or heard about two-way radios, you’ve probably heard about radio frequency. But what exactly is radio frequency and what does that have to do with two-way radio communication.

Radio frequency is when an alternating current (AC) has the characteristics that if put into an antenna, an electromagnetic field is created. This allows for wireless broadcasting and communication.

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Do You Really Need P25 Radios?

If you’re in charge of an emergency response team, you may be asking yourself why you need P25 radios. After all, you’ve gotten this far seemingly without any trouble. But these radios have become a necessity, even if you don’t realize it yet.

Every month, more emergency response departments are making the upgrade to P25 radios. The reason for their decision

Importance of P25 Radios on 4th of July

In times of emergency, public safety personnel depend on Project 25 (P25) radios to effectively communicate. This is especially important for the Fourth of July. Due to the widespread use of fireworks and a high volume of travelers on that day, Independence Day is the most dangerous American holiday.

According to AAA, 42 million Americans are planning on driving 50 miles