Total Protection Program

Total Protection Program Customer Agreement

Eligible Radios:

New KNG, KNG-S, and KNG2 portable radios that have the Total Protection Program applied at the time of the original radio purchase.

All previously purchased KNG, KNG-S, and KNG2 portable radios that have received the Factory Tune and Clean Service (SER-ZFLCL).

Terms and Conditions:

All radios under the Total Protection Program must be registered by the customer, and only the serial number registered with the Total Protection Program will be eligible for coverage. Each radio protected by the Total Protection Program are eligible to be sent in for repair twice under the registered 12 months.

BK Technologies reserves the right to identify a radio as non-repairable due to water damage and/or damage beyond normal wear and tear. Radios deemed a total loss will be replaced with a BK Certified Refurbished Radio for a one-time customer paid replacement cost.

Any radios covered by the Total Protection Program not returned to the factory for service by the end of the period of performance will no longer be covered for factory service, and the customer forfeits any funding provided to cover the radio at that time.

The Total Protection Program purchased to augment the standard warranty policy covers up to two incidents of damage to the radio not normally covered by the BK Technologies Standard Warranty during the duration of the Total Protection Program.

The Total Protection Program is $9.99 a month and must be billed annually at the start of the program. The Total Protection Program can remain on a radio until the radio is no longer supported by BK Technologies.

Customer must agree to all terms and conditions that BK Technologies deem necessary.

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