October 12, 2015 bktech

8 Important Criteria for Evaluating a Two Way Radio System

If you’re in the market for a two way radio system, you have many criteria to meet and a wide array of options. Navigating through the sea of options can seem daunting, but letting the current and future needs of your agency or department guide the purchasing process can help to make the process simpler. It also helps to evaluate a prospective two way radio system against a standardized checklist of important criteria. Here are 8 items to check off as you make your evaluations:

  1. Does it meet or exceed all Public Safety and P25 Standards?

  2. Are the radios interoperable with other networks and radio equipment?

  3. Have the radios been tested and approved by outside agencies?

  4. Is the technology the newest available and are features readily available?

  5. Is the equipment easy to use, with user-friendly software and navigation?

  6. What is the battery life of the equipment?

  7. How does the equipment rate on durability scales? Is it water and dust-tight?

  8. Is the value competitive compared to products with similar specs?

Making the investment into a new two way radio system requires a thorough analysis and evaluation. If you’re considering equipment replacement or upgrades, use these 8 factors to determine if the system is right for your agency. To learn more about solutions available at Relm Wireless, contact your regional representative or an authorized dealer.

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