June 16, 2015 bktech

Bridge the Communication Gap with P25

Imagine a scenario in which establishing order is absolutely critical, and cooperation among agencies is essential. But there’s one big problem – no two groups are speaking the same language, and even within agencies, departments are speaking different languages. The language barrier makes it nearly impossible to work cohesively or assess progress towards restoring order and peace. Sounds like a tense situation, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this scenario has actually played out in the realm of two-way radio communications. In responding to a crisis, agencies from various jurisdictions converged on the scene – only to find that their two-way radio communications were incompatible with that of other agencies. The result was a lot of lost time, frustration, and roadblocks. A somber example is the events of 9/11. Police departments, ambulances, and fire departments all faced roadblocks in trying to communicate with one another. In such a dire and time-sensitive scenario, a breakdown in communication is a worst-case scenario. Clearly, a bridge to better communication was needed. P25 radios were developed to specifically address this critical need.

Has your department or agency ever experienced the frustration of trying to communicate via two-way radio, only to encounter incompatibility issues? P25 radios can overcome that hurdle and build bridges to better communication. Even if that dark situation has never arisen in your jurisdiction, preparing now can eliminate frustration and failure in the future.

Stay tuned for more on the origin of the P25 project and how the system can benefit your agency!

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