January 7, 2016 bktech

Celebrating 178 Years Since the Beginnings of Long-Distance Communication

On January 6th, 1838, Samuel Morse demonstrated his telegraph system for the first time. The telegraph, which would eventually revolutionize long-distance communication, is a device that uses electric impulses to transmit encoded messages by wire. Morse spent several years developing a prototype for the electric telegraph, which used an electromagnet to transmit Morse code messages, the first of which was sent from Washington DC to Baltimore. The telegraph reached it’s peak in the early 1900s and was the primary mode of transcontinental and global communication throughout World War II.

Today, we’re thankful for the humble catalyst that laid the groundwork for the future of global communication. We’ve come a long way from the telegraph and at Relm Wireless, we’re proud to offer reliable communication technology that allows those keeping our communities safe to deploy urgent communications in extreme situations. Our products consist of high-specification, land-mobile radio equipment and next-generation digital products.

Just as Samuel Morse revolutionized long-distance communication, at Relm Wireless, we’re working to change the world of radio by creating advanced, user-friendly, reliable products. Relm Wireless Corporation is a strong American small business, successfully competing in the vastly technical and highly competitive Land Mobile Radio Industry. Our customers turn to us for our reliable communications, unbounded support, and the American values we build into all our products. To learn more about our products, contact us today.

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