September 21, 2016 bktech

Communication Protects Firefighters During Wildfires

The dry parts of the year are a danger for many parts of the country. If these areas are covered by foliage, wildfires can blaze through communities causing damage to nearly everything it encounters. When these fires roar through wooded areas, they threaten the homes and lives of many of the residents in the area. The brave firefighters that face these fires depend on solid communication to ensure the safety of each firefighter and to manage the fire to protect the lives of residents in the community. To achieve the interoperability necessary to control these wildfires, firefighters depend on P25 radios.

When a wildfire is spreading over a wooded area, it has the ability to take up a large amount of land. This causes the firefighters, often from different departments, to spread out in order to surround the fire in an attempt to control it. Due to the massive amount of land that the firefighters might have to cover, it may be difficult to keep in contact with the command center ensuring that all the firefighters are safe and in the correct positions.

The interoperability of P25 radios allow these firefighters to communicate in an effective way that is not possible with other radios. And if more firefighters are needed from other areas to support the effort, so long as they are also using P25 compatible radios, they can communicate with no problem. The ability of this communication has the ability to not just save residences, but the lives of members of the community.

P25 radios are essential for public safety officials to do their jobs effectively, keeping the communities they serve safe. Especially during the dry parts of the year and in areas that are covered with flammable growth, the interoperability that P25 radios offer allows the firefighters attempting to control the fire and protect the people in its path the communication necessary to do an exemplary job. RELM Wireless is proud to provide these brave safety officials with the proper communication tools needed to keep them, and those they protect, safe.

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