July 28, 2015 bktech

Communications Crossroad: Upgrade or Replace Your Two Way Radio System

In today’s world of two way radio systems, there are a variety of decisions to be made. One of the biggest crossroads that agencies face is when components of the existing system have begun to fail. Do you slip replacement pieces into the existing system, or do you begin the procurement process for an entirely new system?

While every situation is different, several factors merit consideration. Consider the needs of your organization and ask yourself the following:

  • Is my two way radio system already P25-compliant? If not, can I justify the risk of communication failures should a large-scale disaster require intersystem operability?
  • How big of a leap in upgrades would need to be made to get my system on the next platform? If the gap is considerable, it may be less costly to implement a new system versus investing dollars in extensive hardware and software upgrades. Sometimes a new patch on an old garment is short-lived.
  • What is my agency or department’s short-term and long-term budget situation? If funding is set to expire in the near future, an investment in a new two way radio system may be a wise use of funds. Conversely, if budget is limited until the next fiscal period, it may make more sense to make short-term upgrades to maintain functionality until the budget allows for system replacement. Relm offers a trade-in program designed to help you leverage the value of your existing radios and upgrade your units. Contact your regional sales representative for more information on this program.

At Relm Wireless, we have a team of representatives that are able to respond to RFPs and provide you with the information to make an informed choice on upgrading or replacing your two way radio system. So if you’re at a communications crossroads, don’t delay – request more information from Relm today.

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