March 27, 2020 bktech

COVID-19 Update

We’d like to thank all first responders, medical professionals, and their families who are working hard and putting themselves at risk to keep us safe during these trying times. COVID-19 has impacted everyday life and business as we know it, and we are grateful to those who are committed to the health and safety of our country. This new landscape has encouraged us to alter our business approach to remain customer-centric as well as strive to be the best neighbor in our community by keeping our employees and business partners safe.

As an essential business, we are proud to be able to continue to support our agencies who are helping to fight for the health and safety of our communities. At the same time, it is also our responsibility to do our part in flatting the curve of this pandemic by enforcing social distancing within our workforce.

The BK Team will remain operational as we have taken measures to promote a safe working environment. In preparation, our team has readied as many employees as possible to work remotely. Our office phone lines are forwarded to our mobile phones and all employees working remotely have laptops that are connected to the servers and teammates to ensure that everyone will be able to continue working without interruption.

For our dedicated employees remaining onsite, we have modified workstations and schedules to ensure that the recommended social distancing guidelines remains in place and our employees can feel secure as they do their part in supporting our customers. With that said, business will continue, and we are here to support our customers and partners in any way we can. Please stay safe, we will get through this together.


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