July 23, 2019 bktech

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant Will be Opening Soon

In the public safety industry, it is imperative that each piece of equipment is functioning at optimal capacity, and can be relied on at all times. To help ensure that all customers have reliable equipment, BK Technologies is a proud sponsor of FireGrantsHelp. This organization aims to provide public safety personnel members a resource for grant information and assistance, giving these departments the opportunity to work with the highest caliber of equipment available. BK Technologies and FireGrantsHelp would like to highlight the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) that is projected to open in the coming weeks.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant meets the firefighting and emergency response needs of fire departments and non-affiliated emergency medical service organizations. The goal of this grant is to provide firefighters and first responders with updated equipment, gear, radios, training, and emergency vehicles to better protect themselves and the community. The AFG assists over 2,000 fire departments nationwide each year, with grants reaching over $3,000,000 for personal protective equipment, and gear that may be otherwise unattainable by its recipients.

The AFG will be launching a new system, the Grant Outcomes (GO) system, for its 2019 application. This new system is meant to streamline the application process with a more user-friendly interface. This interface will require that the information entered matches your SAM and DUNS information, including your grant’s point of contact.

The 2019 cycle is projected to begin in the late summer or early fall season. We encourage all of our partners in fire and public safety to assess the needs of their department, obtain estimates, and apply for this opportunity to enhance their fleet of equipment to better protect the public while keeping themselves safe. Follow the link below to begin your grant assistance form and best of luck from BK Technologies!

Fill out a grant assistance form: https://www.firegrantshelp.com/BKTechnologies-Grant-Assistance

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