June 27, 2016 bktech

Genuine Accessory Statement

RELM radios, repeaters and base stations are Class-A, professional grade equipment that is designed, manufactured and tested to exacting specifications and quality standards.  To maximize the performance, functionality and longevity of your equipment, we recommend the use of genuine, RELM-approved accessories.

Every RELM genuine accessory is the product of extensive design and testing using state-of-the-art software and hardware technology, all of which is engineered before even the first prototype is built.  This process provides a high confidence-level that targeted performance standards will be met.  Thereafter, the designs and functionality are fine-tuned and validated using manufactured prototypes.  This approach, while painstakingly detailed, yields accessories that are optimally matched to RELM radios to achieve top-notch performance.

In addition to professional-grade performance, RELM-approved accessories are engineered and manufactured in accordance with MIL-STD 810G for unsurpassed mechanical integrity and durability; able to withstand the most rigorous public safety applications and function with reliability.  We use only high-quality materials, and every accessory must pass a myriad of tests that recreate harsh conditions far beyond those encountered in actual deployment, including extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and immersion.

While aftermarket accessories are available, often at a low price, they have not been subjected to RELM’s extensive design and qualification processes, likely will not meet our high performance, quality and safety standards, and may fall short of the user’s expectations.

We recommend that you source accessories for your Relm equipment exclusively from your authorized Relm dealer.  Don’t compromise your standards or risk the reliability of your mission critical communications.  Stay safe…stay in-touch…with confidence…use genuine RELM-approved accessories.

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