June 4, 2015 bktech

Hurricane Season is Here – Is Your Communications Plan In Place?

June 1st marked the official start of hurricane season. Is your public safety department ready? There are numerous practical considerations that need to be made, but having a solid plan for communication is vital. Being able to communicate within your department, or even across public safety agencies, is critical in times of disaster for minimizing damage and loss. Handheld and long-range radios are key components of an effective communication plan.

Relm Wireless has the equipment and technology to keep your department cohesive and connected, even in the event of widespread disasters such as hurricanes. With a wide variety of radio communication devices, we have a system to fit your needs. Technology available includes P25-compliant radio systems, handheld and long-range two-way radios, and mobile radio units for field command situations.

Anticipating the most likely situations, along with worst-case scenarios, and developing a communication plan to address these possibilities will help your agency or department to be better prepared. Contact your Relm Wireless Sales Manager and learn more about the solutions available. Act now and be prepared for whatever hurricane season may bring.

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