November 9, 2015 bktech

Identifying and Overcoming Perceived Obstacles to P25 Radio Systems

Though P25 radios are becoming the premier standard in land-mobile radio communications, several perceived obstacles persist. Two of these obstacles are cost and implementation. However, with hundreds of thousands of these radios in use- and many more department or agencies looking to add this equipment to their communications plan, it’s important to take a closer look at the reality of overcoming these obstacles.

Obstacle: The cost of P25 radios is prohibitive.

Reality: While it is true that making the switch to a P25 radio system may involve an investment, the payoff is a reliable communication system that is interoperable with the P25 radio systems of other public safety departments. Having the ability to function efficiently in times of disaster or distress is peace of mind that you can afford.

Obstacle: It’s a lot of hassle and planning to experience the benefits of P25 radios – including full compliance and interoperability.

Reality: A successful transition to P25 radios does require coordination and planning to be most efficient. But as the industry moves toward P25 as a standard, the resources and tools available to make the migration become increasingly available. And once the planning and transition phases are complete, your system will function more efficiently, with increased reliability and ability to serve your department under all circumstances.

If your department is considering upgrading to a P25 land-mobile radio system, don’t let the obstacles steer you away from making a wise choice. Investigate all the factors involved and don’t choose short-term convenience at the expense of long-term success.

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