March 7, 2016 bktech

Importance of Phase Two P25 Radios for Public Safety

The job of a police officer can be a dangerous one, especially for an officer that works alone. In the 80 years since the invention of two-way radios, police officers have come to rely heavily on both their in-car radio and their portable radio. With phase two P25, this important communication is becoming easier.

Whenever an officer is on a call, he needs his radio for communication. Contact with dispatchers to receive critical information about the people they may be coming into contact can be lifesaving. Using their radios to call for backup in dangerous situations can also be a lifesaving decision.

In 1989, the FCC asked public safety two-way radio users for recommendations on how to improve public safety radio systems. They took these recommendations and created a new standard for the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials-International, which was dubbed Project 25.

The first phase of P25 systems was an important step to providing the type of communication needed for public safety officials. Now manufacturers like Relm Wireless are producing state-of-the-art digital portable radios using P25 phase two technology.

Phase two of the P25 standard is for narrow band communications. This type of communication is an important next step in emergency communication because it means that an agency can use less of its allotted bandwidth allowing for more agencies to use the availability. This offers a greater ability for interoperability with different agencies and from different jurisdictions. If there’s an emergency where agencies from other jurisdictions are required to support, this makes the communication between the agencies much easier.

As more and more products become available using this continuously updating technology, it’s important that our public safety officials have the use of these technologies both for their own safety and that of those they have sworn to protect.

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