December 14, 2015 bktech

The First Atlantic Wireless Transmission

December 12th marked 114 years since one of the early pioneers of radio – Guglielmo Marconi – successfully sent the first transatlantic message. Early skeptics believed that the curvature of the Earth would limit radio transmission to distances of only 200 miles, but Marconi’s simple message (the Morse-code signal for ‘s’) proved those skeptics wrong.

Now over a century later, radio waves have been used to transmit messages of much more importance and in greater length than a single Morse-code letter. Everything from radio dramas to top-secret messages and life-saving public safety announcements have been delivered by means of radio communications. One of the most enduring mediums in this field of communication has been the two-way radio.

At Relm Wireless, we have been in the radio communications field for over 65 years. Our two-way radios are used in both the public and private sector. Our public sector clients include police and fire departments from across the U.S., the U.S. Forest Department, U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. These clients rely on the reliable transmission and interoperability that Relm products have become known for. Private sector clients of Relm also appreciate the reliability of our products, and use them in a variety of settings, including the healthcare field.

With more than 100 years since the first Atlantic wireless transmission behind us, many advancements have been made in radio. Relm Wireless looks forward to another century of innovation and the opportunity to continue to provide both private and public sector clients with the radio equipment and technology necessary to stay connected in the 21st century.

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