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Maintaining Memorial Day Safety

Memorial Day is a time to honor those U.S. soldiers who bravely fought and died for this country. From parades and special speeches to camp-outs and picnics, everyone recognizes this federal holiday in their own way. With its outdoor ambiance, Memorial Day weekend can also give rise to unforeseen hazards such as heat stroke, out-of-control fires, and dangerous driving.

Memorial Day weekend, situated between rainy April and heated June can range greatly in temperatures, although much of the time it’s on the warmer side. Heat stroke can happen to the healthiest of individuals and is often exacerbated by standing still for a length of time in direct or indirect sunlight, without the reprieve of a breeze. If one of your loved ones collapses due to intense heat, an officer with a P25 radio will be fast on the scene.

From charcoal or propane grills to bonfires at the campsite, runaway fires are a very real concern during Memorial Day weekend, especially with the likelihood of alcohol consumption during the festivities. A cook who is supposed to be tending to the grill can become distracted by welcoming guests, or a group of campers may wander from the campfire they thought had been put out. Memorial Day weekend can be a busy time for firefighters, and these unsung heroes are able to communicate with each other during these crucial moments with the P25 radios.

According to research released by the National Coalition for Safer Roads, Memorial Day weekend has been deemed the riskiest holiday for highway accidents. Their studies show a notably high number of motorists running red lights over this holiday weekend. This may be due to a driver’s eagerness to get out of town for the lengthened weekend, an intoxicated driver, or perhaps because of frustration with the increase in road congestion. Police officers who need back-up during these critical periods are much more efficient with the interoperability of the P25 radios for faster communication.

Considering Memorial Day’s status as one of the most dangerous holidays to be on the road, as well as a time for an increased number of fires, you’re in better hands when your public servants are equipped with P25 radios provided by RELM Wireless Corporation.


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