BKR 9000 Portable Radio
BKR 9000 website product imgBKR 9000 website product img

BKR 9000 Portable Radio

BKR 9000 Multiband Portable Radio

The NEW BKR 9000 Portable Radio offers exceptional performance in a lightweight form. With over 70 years of reliability, BK Technologies is honored to serve our Everyday Heroes with a device that brings dependability when every moment counts.

Portable Handheld Radio. All-Band Capable Hardware, 5000 Ch, Includes Belt Clip, one Base Frequency, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, DES, ADP, 5-Year Warranty.

Available in Tier 1.0,  Tier 1.5, Tier 2.5 (yellow or black),  and Tier 3.5 (yellow or black)


SURPASS ™ Technology

SURPASS™ is a Smart Battery System that leverages the battery’s self contained BMS (Battery Management System) that continuously monitors performance and optimizes battery life through self calibration and cell balancing.