• Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater

Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater | P25 Digital Repeater

Plug and Play – The Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater (RDPR) is designed to extend range and to facilitate inter operability with other radio platforms used in the Military. Mounted in a small, mobile and durable pelican case, the repeater is man portable or can be mounted in a vehicle. The repeater connects any two radios of the same type to double their effective range, or up to three different types to function as a Translator.


  • Cross Mode (Analog – Digital)
  • Cross Band (HF/VHF/UHF/700/800 MHz)
  • Cross Protocol (Conventional – Trunking)
  • Cross Domain
  • (Type III to Type I Encryption)
  • Any Combination Above
  • High Power Option Available
  • Linked Repeater
  • Mobile Repeater

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Foldable Solar Panel
The RDPR can be a self contained unit, endlessly powering and recharging itself (weather permitting). Choose from one of our three foldable solar panel options: 20Watt, 60Watt, 90Watt.
For versatility and compatibility, the RDPR is offered with many types of internal duplexers, depending on frequencies and wattage. The duplexer allows you to transmit and receive using the same antenna.
Interface Kits
Carry your RDPR and accessories in a portable carrying case with 12 specially designed slots to hold your portable radios (RDRCC). We also offer a larger carrying case (RDRRCC) specially designed to hold your RDPR and it’s accessories, such as the solar panel, tripod, cables, etc. This case is durable, portable, and very popular with the US Military.
Incident Command Kit
In emergency situations when communications are down, the Incident Command Kit is an easy solution to launch portable communications on the fly. This kit includes 12 portable radios (of your choice, pricing varies), compatible speaker microphones, clamshell battery pack with a full bundle of rechargeable AA batteries, an RDPR equipped with radios of your choice, two carrying cases (RDRCC, RDRRCC), and one solar panel of choice, making this kit one of a kind for essential communications in extreme conditions.
External Battery
When the power is out and communications are down, the EBS (External Battery System) can power your essential equipment. With a Li-ion 40 Ah battery, the EBS is fitted with several connection types for various electronics, such as USB and cigarette lighter inserts. Together with a solar panel and cigarette lighter adapter, you can power-up virtually any electronic device for endless power (weather permitting).
High Power - 45 Watt
Get more out of your RDPR with the High Power Option, boosting the unit to 45 Watts of RF Output. This option allows for increased range and is frequency specific as it includes an amplifier.






Dimensions 6.6″ x 16.2″ x 12.7″ 6.6″ x 16.2″ x 12.7″
Weight 17 lbs. 17 lbs.
Operating Voltage 12 Volts DC, AC and solar 12 Volts DC, AC and solar
Internal Battery 1 @ 7 Ah, SLA 1 @ 7 Ah, SLA
Operating Temperature -8° F to +151° F (-30°C to +60° C) -8° F to +151° F (-30°C to +60° C)
Battery Life @ Full Charge 24 Hours with Operational Battery 24 Hours with Operational Battery
Weight w/ Duplexer 19.5 lbs. 19.5 lbs.
Frequency Range 450 – 480 MHz 148 – 174 MHz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 19″ x 3.5″ x 14″ 19″ x 3.5″ x 14″
Frequency Stability +/-1.0 ppm +/-2.5 ppm
Operating Temperature Range -22° F to +140° F -22° F to +140° F