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RELM Wireless and Alberta Health Services Extend Contract For Project 25 Portable and Mobile Radios

RELM Wireless and Alberta Health Services Extend Contract

For Project 25 Portable and Mobile Radios

-Contract Extended Into 2020-

 WEST MELBOURNE, FL, March 17, 2016 – RELM Wireless Corporation (NYSE MKT: RWC) today announced that Alberta Health Services (AHS) has extended the term of its contract for an additional four years.  Under the contract RELM provides AHS with P25 800MHz portable and mobile radios and accessories.

The contract, which was initially announced in June 2015, established a base-term of one year that commenced on March 12, 2015, as well as four one-year options.  The base term expires this month, and AHS has elected to exercise its option for all four available years.  No minimum or maximum procurement is established under the contract, nor does the contract specify or guarantee purchase quantities or dates of equipment orders.  In the twelve months since contract inception, AHS has purchased radios and related accessories from RELM totaling approximately $2.6 million, including a recent order on March 14, 2016 totaling approximately $568,000.

AHS provides health services throughout Alberta and is the largest provider of health care in Canada.  The organization presently deploys a total of approximately 3,000 two-way radios in a range of applications such as hospitals, urgent care centers, psychiatric facilities and emergency vehicles.

RELM President and Chief Executive Officer David Storey commented, “One of our primary strategic objectives is to expand and grow internationally.  The AHS contract was a key contributor toward achieving that objective last year.  We are pleased and excited that AHS has extended the contract.  Also, it should be emphasized that each year subsequent to the base-year was at AHS’s option.  That AHS extended the contract for all four available option years is a clear indication of their confidence in and satisfaction with our products, quality and customer service.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with AHS and believe it’s an excellent foundation from which to pursue additional business in Alberta and other regions of Canada.”

About APCO Project 25 (P25)

APCO Project 25 (P25), which requires interoperability among compliant equipment regardless of the manufacturer, was established by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials and is approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The shift toward interoperability gained momentum as a result of significant communications failures in critical emergency situations.  RELM was one of the first manufacturers to develop P25-compliant technology.

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