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The Eight P25 Open Interfaces

Project 25 (P25) is the set of standards that guides public safety communication towards interoperability. Within these standards are eight open interfaces, the ability for devices from separate manufactures to connect with each other. These open interfaces are the key to interoperability and, subsequently, keeping residents safe.

Common Air Interface (CAI)

Common Air Interface, or CAI, is the standard that specifies the type and content of the signals that are to be transmitted by compliant radios. Any of these radios should be able to communicate with any other CAI radios, regardless of who produced the radio.

Subscriber Data Peripheral Interface

Subscriber Data Peripheral Interface is the standard that specifies the port through which mobile radios and portable radios have the ability to connect to laptops or data networks.

Fixed Station Interface

Fixed Station Interface is the standard that specifies the set of mandatory messages that support the digital voice, data, encryption, and telephone interconnect necessary or communication between Fixed Station and P25 RF subsystems.

Console Subsystem Interface

Console Subsystem interface is the standard that specifies the basic messaging necessary to interface a console subsystem to a P25 RF subsystem.

Network Management

Network Management is the standard that specifies a single network management scheme. This will enable all network elements of RF subsystem to be merged.

Data Network Interface

Data Network Interface is the standard that specifies the RF subsystem’s connections to computers, data networks, and external data sources.

Telephone Interconnect Interface

Telephone Interconnect Interface is the standard that specifies the interface to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). PSTN supports both analog and ISDN telephone interfaces.

Inter RF Subsystem Interface

Inter RF Subsystem Interface is the standard that specifies the interface between RF subsystems. This will allow the RF subsystems to connect into wide-area networks.

These standards allow for public safety officials to have open communication with other departments from other jurisdictions during emergency situations. Producing P25 radios for public safety personnel, RELM Wireless is proud to have a hand in ensuring that these officials are able to effectively communicate making their areas safer for residents.

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