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The Importance of P25 Two-Way Radios

One of the most important changes in emergency communication was the establishment of Project 25 (P25). Started in 1989, P25 is a set of standards created to improve interoperable, digital, two-way wireless communication. The project was a collaborative effort between the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (APCO), the National Association of State Telecommunications Directors (NASTD), the National Communications System (NCS), and it was standardized under the Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA).

Relm Wireless is a leading designer and manufacturer of two-way P25 radios. The company’s KNG series has become the go-to series of two-way radios for emergency personnel at the local, state, and federal levels nationwide.

Some of the benefits of using P25 two-way radios include:


P25 radios allow users from different agencies or areas to communicate directly with each other. It also allows for different agencies on different levels (federal, state, local) to communicate more effectively during emergencies.

Backward Compatibility

A basic requirement in the Phase 1 P25 digital radio equipment was backward compatibility meaning that it can be compatible with older models making it functional with standard analog FM radios. This enables users to gradually upgrade radios from analog to digital systems without missing a beat.

Encryption Capability

The P25 standard includes a requirement for protecting digital communication with encryption capability. P25 radios have an optional encryption for users, which means they can either select a clear channel (un-encrypted) or a secure channel (encrypted).

P25 two-way radios have changed and continue to change how emergency responders communicate during an emergency. Situations that were in chaos by different departments having trouble communicating are now organized as these departments from different areas can communicate with ease so long as they are using P25 equipment. Relm Wireless is proud to be providing those emergency personnel that keep us safe with the equipment necessary to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

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