November 30, 2015 bktech

The Latest in Two-Way Radio Features and Technology

Speaking of technology and two-way radios may seem contradictory to some, but in fact radio capabilities and features have advanced in several key areas. At Relm Wireless, we supply two-way radios to government entities, public safety agencies, and business clients alike. Each of these sectors has a different set of needs and priorities, but each one depends on having the most reliable and efficient equipment to support communication needs.

Some of the increasingly common two-way radio features include:

-Digital Displays: Information such as date, time, network, battery status, and menu options are presented on digital displays that make important information stand out with a quick glance. Some two-way radios also feature LCD color displays for enhanced readability.

-Bluetooth Technology: With Bluetooth-equipped handsets, your two-way radio can communicate wirelessly with many types of wireless earpieces. This provides hands-free communication abilities, which can be especially useful for first responders.

-Text Messaging: Combining audio and messaging communications in one portable device means twice the communication power for two-way radio users.

If your agency or department is evaluating new two-way radios, look into the features and functions of any devices you are considering. With technology changing, radios today come with many options and benefits. Relm Wireless has the technology that is right for you.

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