May 18, 2016 bktech

What Does Interoperability Look Like for the Next Generation?

When disaster hits and emergency response teams are called into action, they need to be able to effectively communicate. With interoperability of paramount importance, P25 radios give emergency crews the ability to communicate with other response agencies. But as with most technological advancements, interoperability is changing and will look quite different to the next generation.

Emergency situations happen in every community regardless of size and often teams from other jurisdictions are called in to assist. Rather than having people huddled around an integration device attempting to allow the response teams to communicate, interoperability allows the teams to seamlessly collaborate.

Since it’s conception in 1989, the focus of Project 25 is to ensure that interoperability is achievable regardless of manufacturer or jurisdiction. But with the advancements in technology, what interoperability will look like in the future is changing.

With the use of smartphones and tablets, this generation is used to being delivered a an immense amount of information, intelligence, and evidence instantly. That technology is now reaching the public safety world with the ability in some areas to text 911. Some expect that within the next decade, public safety officials will have the capability of streaming live video to responders in the field, provide live views inside facilities for law enforcement using Internet protocol (IP)-based video surveillance, and the ability to capture, store, and archive images, video, and text which can be used for instant replay and evidence when needed.

P25 radios and their interoperability give public safety officials the necessary communication equipment to provide safety for our communities. RELM Wireless is proud to provide top quality P25 radios to emergency personnel and to keep up with any changes in technology. As we move further into the future and technological advancements continue to change the way we live, interoperability is bound to change as well. And RELM Wireless will continue to be there to supply the needed equipment.

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