August 3, 2016 bktech

What is Radio Frequency?

If you’ve ever read or heard about two-way radios, you’ve probably heard about radio frequency. But what exactly is radio frequency and what does that have to do with two-way radio communication.

Radio frequency is when an alternating current (AC) has the characteristics that if put into an antenna, an electromagnetic field is created. This allows for wireless broadcasting and communication. If the radio frequency current is supplied through an antenna, the electromagnetic field can spread through space. This is usually either called a radio frequency field or, more commonly, a radiowave.

Because radio frequency allows for wireless communication, many devices that are common in our everyday lives use radio frequency to allow us to communicate without cords being attached to the devices. Some of these devices include cordless and cellular telephones, radio and television broadcasting stations, satellite communication systems, and two-way radio services.

A thorough understanding of radio frequency allowed Guglielmo Marconi, a young Italian experimenter, to build the first wireless telegraphy, receiving a patent for his work in 1896. The work of Marconi, and further advancements through the years, allows us today to use radiowaves to communicate wirelessly with others over long distances.

One of the most important advancements that was built on Marconi’s understanding of radiowaves was the implementation of Project 25. This allowed emergency personnel from different jurisdictions to communicate seamlessly using two-way radios, regardless of what type device they were using or the company that manufactured the device. This type of interoperability ensures the safety of our communities as it allows public safety officials to combine forces to become better equipped to handle difficult situations.

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